Florida Hotel Motel for Sale

Florida Commercial Hotel/Motel/Suites Property for Sale

Intended use may vary as this property is in a prime location for commercial development
Restaurant, shopping center, etc. Large site can support multiple new development
Now also available as LARGE 25 ACRE COMMERCIAL PARCEL. Click here for more information

Florida Commercial Property Motel Lake City for saleLocation: Lake City, Florida (North Florida)

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General Information:
Zoning: Classification: CI, Commercial Intensive (Commercial-Retail Use)
Type: Hotel/Motel Facility
Year built: 1983
Renovations: Phase 1: 2000, Phase 2: 2005. Current property is fully renovated and rooms in like-new condition.

Description of Property:

Geographical Specifics: High thru-traffic area due to I-10 and I-75 junction. Excellent piece of Florida real estate. The property is located along the south side of US Highway 90 West, approximately 1,500 feet east of Interstate 75, within the main development area of the city of Lake City, Columbia County, Florida. This commercial property has a sites address of 3072 US Highway 90 West, Lake City, Florida 32055.

Major Highway Frontage: 360 feet along Hwy 90, just 1/4 mile off exit. Largest frontage lot available on Highway 90 in its location.

Commercial Land/Multi-use property:
With major traffic and interstate proximity, as well as high growth in the area... this is a HIGHLY visible and desired parcel. Land plot size and shape is very adaptable to development of multiple restaurants on site, as well as suitable for shopping complex, condo conversion, and other commercial uses that can benefit from one of the LARGEST available frontages on the busiest section of HWY 90 for Lake City. Over 6.1 acres of undeveloped and PRE-CLEARED land is also available behind the property for larger development needs! Click here to see GIS PLOT MAP OF PARCEL

Total Parcel Acreage: 111,514 square feet, 2.56 total acres
Total Enclosed Square Footage: 52,090.00 sq ft
Building to Land Percentage: 46.71%

D Mehta

Lake City, FL 32055
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Property Images:

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Site Analysis: Photos:

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1. Westbound view on HWY 90 (property on left)
2. Eastbound view on HWY 90 (property on right)
3. Largest dining/restaurant development area within 50+ miles

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4. Shopping within 1/4 mile at Super Wal-Mart
5. Shopping within 1/4 mile at Lake City (Gleason) Mall

Site Analysis: Physical Characteristics:

Plot Size: Approximately rectangle being 360.01 feet on the north, 360.00 feet on the south, 310.00 feet on the east, and 309.66 feet on the west.
Area: 111,514 square feet, or approximately 2.56 acres
Topography: The subject parcel (commercial land property) is relatively level and lies at the grade of the adjacent roadway, US Highway 90 West.
Vegetation: The subject property is currently completely cleared and improved with a three building, 69 room, all suite, motel facility. Those areas not covered by the subject building are improved with several grassed and landscaped areas located on all sides of the subject buildings, as well as between the buildings and surrounding the guest swimming pool.
Soil Conditions: The site is presumed to have an adequate load-bearing capacity for development purposes, as evidenced by the current building improvements. Also, no surface or subsurface hazardous materials or other contaminants are presumed on or in the site. However, engineering test borings were not performed by the appraiser and no warranties are given by the appraiser concerning engineering of the site.
Census Tract: The subject is located within census tract number 9905.
Flood Map Classification: Map Number 120070 0175 B, dated 1/6/88, Zone X, a designated non-flood hazardous area. A copy of the flood map is attached here.
Drainage: The site is presumed to have adequate drainage and percolation under normal conditions. At the time of inspection, the subject property appeared to contain adequate natural drainage. Surface runoff travels mainly to the rear of the site and into several low and wet areas located off site to the south.
Access: US HIGHWAY 90 WEST: Three asphalt paved traffic lanes on each side of a concrete and landscaped median, sidewalks, and streetlights. No direct access is available to the site from westbound traffic lanes.
Utilities and Public Services: The reported utilities and public services available to the subject property include the following: public water, sanitary sewer, garbage collection, police protection, fire protection, natural gas, electricity, and telephone.

Previous Appraisal Resources: Please note all resources referenced below were completed on 1/29/2001
Area Location Map
Neighborhood Location Map
Plat Map
Subject Sketch
Flood Map

Location Maps: All maps and images provided by Google Maps

Excellent proximity to Interstate traffic (less than a 1/4 mile from I-75)

Excellent proximity to Interstate traffic (less than a 1/4 mile from I-75) - Satellite Hybrid View

Intersection of I-75 and I-10 produces a large amount of traffic. Lake City is largest city in a 50-mile radius to this interection.

Zoomed out state-wide view

Older satellite image (approx 2+ yrs old image) of property in relation to I-75

Legal Description: The property's legal description, as recorded in Columbia County Public Records, is as follows:

Section 35: Commencing at a point which is the Southeast Corner of Lot 9 of "Lake Harris Farms" as per plat thereof recorded in Plat Book 4, Page 21 of the public records of Columbia County, Florida, said point being N 87 55'17" E 868.20 feet from the Southwest Corner of the SW 1/4 of the SE 1/4 of Section 35, Township 3 South, Range 16 East; thence continue N 7 03'47" E along the East boundary of sid Lot 9, 718.40 feet for the POINT OF BEGINNING; thence continue N 7 03'47" E along East boundary 310.00 feet to the South right-of-way line of State Road No. 10 (US Highway No. 90) said point being 87.00 feet from and at right angle to the survey center line of said State Road; then N 84 41'43" W along said South right-of-way line 312.61 feet to the point of curvature of a right-of-way line curve being concave Southwesterly and having a radius of 3,276.57 feet; thence Northwesterly along said South right-of-way line curve, a chord bearing a distance of N 35 06'25" W 47.40 feet; thence South 7 03'47" W parallel to the East boundary of said Lot 9 309.66 feet; thence S 84 41'43" E 360.00 feet to the POINT OF BEGINNING.

Hotel Amenities:

Appraisal Resource: EXPOSURE TIME (note: the following is taken from a 2001 appraisal, information may be out-of-date)

Appraisal Resource: AREA ANALYSIS (note: the following is taken from a 2001 appraisal, information may be out-of-date)

Appraisal Resource: NEIGHBORHOOD ANALYSIS (note: the following is taken from a 2001 appraisal, information may be out-of-date)

Appraisal Resource: Zoning and Land Use Plan (note: the following is taken from a 2001 appraisal, information may be out-of-date)

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